Hair at Heavenly Sensations

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Cut & Styling

Cut & Style


Blow Dry


Cut & Style (12-16 Year Olds)


Under 12’s

Price on request

Conditioning Treatment


Curls with Straightners/Tongs


Pin Up from



Full Head from




Semi-permanent from


Balayage from


Tone from


Length supplement from



Full Head from


Half Head from


Toner from


Length Supplement from


Hair Extensions Available

From £400

All new clients require a skin test 48hr prior to treatment. Please bear in mind that colour and highlights do not include cost of cut and style.

Milkshake Hair Repair System

Require 4 treatments. One per week then one every 6/8 weekly.

Per Treatment


4 Treatments


Length supplement applies

Include Cut



Cut / Clipper


Cut & Style


Cut, Blow-dry & Style


Hair Extensions

Appointment Time 4hrs from


Hair Botox

Our Hair Botox System is a nourishing and regenerating Hair Treatment.

Hair botox is a treatment giving more shine less frizz, leaving it visibly healthier. There are 3 different variations – Golden, Organic & Platinum to suit each hair problem. 6-8 weeks or 10-12 weeks .

Appointment Time Varies min 2hrs from


Nanoplasty Hair Straightening

Nanoplasty hair straightening is a revolutionary 100% organic treatment, safe to use on children & pregnant ladies. Suitable for all hair types. Effects can last up to 10-12 months. Softens, straightens, de-frizz and heals the hair from the inside out. Price varies depending upon lengths, thickness & curls.

Appointment Time Varies min 4hrs 30 min from


Organic Hair Straightening

Nonoplasty is a comprehensive treatment based on nanotechnology and Organic chemistry.

It is the new alternative to chemical and Keratin Straightening . the treatment targets the hairs DNA, smoothing the internal structure of the hair instead of coating its surface. It repairs damaged hair by restoring broken disulphide bonds. Spectacular results can be obtained in all types, regardless of the volume and curl formation of hair. Shiny and Perfectly straight hair that lasts 10-12 months.

Appointment Time Varies

Price on consultation only.

*Our products are safe from formaldehyde, aldehyde and carboysteine, allowing us to perform a treatment on children and pregnant women. they are 100% Organic.