Spa Marine Body Treatments & Inch Loss

Spa Marine body treatments from Germaine de Capuccini will both visibly improve the skin’s appearance and promote a harmonious natural balance of body, mind and spiritual well being. Spa Marines effectiveness is based on a combination of natural products of marine origin with innovative massage techniques and complementary therapies.

Spa Total Hydration Treatment

This treatment combines a body exfoliation and a tranquil massage with Aqua essential oil, creating a fabulous sensation that restores lost suppleness, moisture and comfort to your skin. Ideal for preparing your skin for exposure to the sun and for re-hydrating it afterwards.

Appointment time 1 hour


Spa Anti Stress Detoxifying Treatment

This is the ultimate deep relaxing treatment. During your journey to total peace and calm you will experience elements of shiatsu, reflexology and specific massage techniques, that work with the energy found within the body’s own chakras and meridians. This treatment will balance any emotional or physical tension, helping to release any negative energy, restoring harmony to the body, spirit and mind.

Appointment time 1 ¾ hours


The Lighter Legs Experience

This treatment has been designed to improve circulation and reduce fluid retention in tired heavy legs. Warm and cool products are applied during a massage with active essential oil and a marine wrap which will re-awaken total lightness and buoyancy to tired legs. A course is recommended, especially during pregnancy.

Appointment time 1 hour


Course of 5


Spa RemineralisingTreatment

Relax and enjoy the full sensations of this fabulous treatment. Your skin will feel wonderfully revitalised and full of energy, which may have been lost through everyday stress and the constant bombardment of pollutants. You will be wrapped in generous amounts of warm, creamy spa marine mud, which is followed by a holistic massage designed to calm and soothe the mind.

Appointment time 1 ¾ hours


Thermal Body Mud Treatment

This treatment contains a marine origin mud designed to provide an amazing sensation of relaxation due to its self-healing capacity and its wonderful bubbly texture. It will be applied to the back and feet for ultimate comfort while you receive a mini facial.

Appointment time 1 hour


Slimming, Toning, Inch-loss & Detox Universal Contour Wrap

Universal Contour Wrap

This superb body wrap, which is the best on the market, guarantees lasting inch loss. Elasticated bandages soaked in a warm sea clay solution contour the body, lifting flabby buttocks and breasts and flattening the abdomen. The average client can expect to lose between 10 and 14 inches overall with their first treatment. A course of three will generally give an overall loss of about 25 inches and will bring our female clients down a dress size without them losing a pound in weight! The skin is cleansed, the body de-toxified and you feel rejuvenated. Appointment time 2 hours.

Full body wrap


Course of 3


The Ultimate Body Contour System

This is an anti-cellulite machine that disperses fat and fluid retention which also gives muscle stimulation to tighten and tone the body. This machine also has special pads to lift both buttocks and breasts, and is favoured by Kylie Minogue for that famous behind. Warning, the results from this machine is weight loss!

Appointment time 1 ¼ hours


Course of 10


Healthy Nutrition

This includes a free evaluation, one to one consultation with guidance and weight management.

First Appointment 45 mins FREE